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Latest Articles:

  • The Makeover: HTPC in the spotlight
    It has been a while since I last modified my HTPC in the living room. I finally had some time and a lot of RGB strips laying around. There is a total of eleven RGB strips (each having 16 rgb leds). All of them are controlled by an aquacomputer farbwerk360. I also drilled a hole into the bottom of the case in order to have some “floor” lighting. In addition all the old 12v UV-Lights have been removed. By the way, here some pictures of the “old” system:
  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Closing the gap
    I am currently working on closing all the open gaps and outer surfaces on the desk. Current target is to close the backside of the table. Here some pics of the as-is situation: The approach to mount the surfaces will be the same as already described this post: https://chspeedy.com/2020/06/24/desk-pc-2-0-update-gluing-the-magnetic-sheets-for-cover-installation/ Update to follow
  • Maker Update: Fibre Optic Lamp
    So I gathered my first experience with the rasperry-pi. I have been working on the following topics: PiVPN – Using the raspi as my personal VPN Server (Based on OpenVPN) PiHole – A Network-wide AD-Blocker. Which automatically filters all the crappy AD’s OctoPI – The go-to solution for controlling 3D-Printers Raspbee/HomeAssistant – My OpenSource Smart Home Integration mainly using Zigbee Components MagicMirror2 – An open source Smart Mirror software which I am using for my smart screen But I wanted to go a step further. So next thing on my list: Microcontrollers, namely Arduino. As a first project I chose…