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Latest Articles:

  • 3D-Printing: Hook system for kitchenware
    Had some aluminium profile left over from my Desk-PC project. So I once again went to the drawing board and quickly designed some hooks and Covers.
  • Cosmetical updates for my HTPC
    I recently updated my HTPC. The following parts were changed: New reservoir Cleaned up tubing including flow meter New custom made power cables (ATX, CPU, GPU) Custom made shroud for power supply 3D printed mounts for SSD’s on power supply shroud one Additional SSD RGB covers for SSD’s RGB heatsink for m.2 drive
  • Smarthome Update: Finally a purpose for my old tablet
    I had this old tablet from Aldi lying around. Initially used it was used as an ebook reader. However, I always wanted to have a touchscreen at the entrance of my room in order to control the smart devices. So I thought let’s give it a try and reuse this old tablet for that purpose. And here is the so far status of that project (Currently testing the kiosk software): I will add a page with the 3D design and model of the wall mount later to my webpage. And by the way, the license of the kiosk software will…
  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Front cover finally painted
    I finally managed to spray paint the cover of the left drawer. Used some aluminum primer first, then three layers of white paint and two layers of coating. The installed front cover: Still to-do: Re-print the left cover Spray paint the left cover Sand and spray paint the mount for the aquaero computer (middle section) Eventually paint the card reader cover (as it has not the same white as the rest).
  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: External cable management completed
    I finally found a nice looking cable tube which fits perfectly into my setup.
  • The Makeover: HTPC in the spotlight
    It has been a while since I last modified my HTPC in the living room. I finally had some time and a lot of RGB strips laying around. There is a total of eleven RGB strips (each having 16 rgb leds). All of them are controlled by an aquacomputer farbwerk360. I also drilled a hole into the bottom of the case in order to have some “floor” lighting. In addition all the old 12v UV-Lights have been removed. By the way, here some pictures of the “old” system:
  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Closing the gap
    I am currently working on closing all the open gaps and outer surfaces on the desk. Current target is to close the backside of the table. Here some pics of the as-is situation: The approach to mount the surfaces will be the same as already described this post: https://chspeedy.com/2020/06/24/desk-pc-2-0-update-gluing-the-magnetic-sheets-for-cover-installation/ Update to follow
  • Maker Update: Fibre Optic Lamp
    So I gathered my first experience with the rasperry-pi. I have been working on the following topics: PiVPN – Using the raspi as my personal VPN Server (Based on OpenVPN) PiHole – A Network-wide AD-Blocker. Which automatically filters all the crappy AD’s OctoPI – The go-to solution for controlling 3D-Printers Raspbee/HomeAssistant – My OpenSource Smart Home Integration mainly using Zigbee Components MagicMirror2 – An open source Smart Mirror software which I am using for my smart screen But I wanted to go a step further. So next thing on my list: Microcontrollers, namely Arduino. As a first project I chose…
  • Quick Pick: 3d printed maze box
    My wife asked me if I could print a maze box for an A5 sized voucher. After some research on thingiverse we found a perfect match. The original model can be found on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4657856 The model was printed in two parts the maze and the cover. Print Settings on my Prusa i3 MK3S+: Objects scaled to 200% Filament: PLA Printing Temp: 210c Heating Bed Temp: 60c Layer Height: 0.2mm Supports: none Infill: 5% The maze took around 12 hours to print. The Cover around 14 hours.
  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Full temperature control and a lot of dashboard configuration
    Well, I had the luck that I only had to work two days during Easter. So there was a lot of time to play around with the software suite of aquacomputer. And I have to say: “This piece of software is a beast”. A ton of options to control the cooling and lighting of your PC. But what was achieved so far? Software Installation and configuration of all aquacomputer components which includes: 1 aquaero6 XT 3 farbwerk 360 Digital rgb-controllers (using addressable 5Volt RGB-Strips) 2 QUADRO fan controllers 1 farbwerk rgb-controller for “classical” 12Volt RGB Strips (basically only used for…