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Latest Articles:

  • Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Full temperature control and a lot of dashboard configuration
    Well, I had the luck that I only had to work two days during Easter. So there was a lot of time to play around with the software suite of aquacomputer. And I have to say: “This piece of software is a beast”. A ton of options to control the cooling and lighting of your PC. But what was achieved so far? Software Installation and configuration of all aquacomputer components which includes: 1 aquaero6 XT 3 farbwerk 360 Digital rgb-controllers (using addressable 5Volt RGB-Strips) 2 QUADRO fan controllers 1 farbwerk rgb-controller for “classical” 12Volt RGB Strips (basically only used for… Continue reading Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Full temperature control and a lot of dashboard configuration
  • Smart Screen Project. A quick summary
    My wife and I have quite some appointments. And as I am working shifts, “synchronization” of our schedules is quite challenging. I have been thinking about a smart screen or even a smart mirror for a while now. Finally I got the time to dig into this topic. After some internet research I quickly learned that the raspberry-pi based “MagicMirror2” software is the to-go approach. It is free, open source and can be customized with s ton of modules which are created by a big community more information can be found at: https://magicmirror.builders/ I first installed a virtual machine in… Continue reading Smart Screen Project. A quick summary
  • Quick pick: Wall hook for Bicycle Battery
    The entrance area in our home is a bit… let’s call it un-ordered. One thing which constantly annoyed me was the battery for my e-bike. It is big, chunky and it is always somewhere laying around and blocking space. So thanks to my advancing 3D-design skills I quickly drew a hook which I then 3d printed and mounted to the wall… Here’s the outcome: The next step will be a mount for the battery charger.. promised ☺️