Desk-PC 2.0 Update: New high density strips installed

I finally received the strips I ordered via Aliexpress. Now it was up to soldering these strips you can find more about this here. After everything had been soldered I started to install the strips. At this occasion I also documented a bit how I installed the delta profile and LED diffuser on the top section of the table. Check the pictures below. I think the result looks absolutely stunning compared to the “old” version:

Left side low density strips – Right side high density strips

Installation of the Paulmann delta profile

The cutout on the right contains two adhesive metal bands. On the left is the delta profile it is held to the mdf part by simply using super magnets (black small piece)
Had to drill two holes into the delta profile in order to route the cables for the RGB strips. Used a standard metal drill (10mm)
Oops… a circular hole would look different
But after all it turned out quite nice (and is anyway not visible)
Please ignore the cable management in the back.. It will be fixed – promise!

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