Desk-PC 2.0 Update: New 3D-Printed Front Cover

After receiving the aluminum parts I started to finalize and print the new front cover and mount for the Aquacomputer Aquaero. Here’s a preview of the 3D-Design:

Here is some comparison between old and new design:

left: old design / right: new design

And here’s is the final 3D-printed result (not yet sanded and painted):

The final result (the aquaero front will be replaced due to the scratch in the display)

So why the entire rework? Basically I wanted to achieve the following:

  • Have an extremely modular front of the PC-Bench Drawer
  • High quality look and feel by using as much aluminum as possible
  • Be able to print the front cover on “standard” size 3D-Printers (made it smaller as the initial version required quite big print space – it now fits on a Prusa i3 MK3S)

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