Smart Screen Project. A quick summary

My wife and I have quite some appointments. And as I am working shifts, “synchronization” of our schedules is quite challenging. I have been thinking about a smart screen or even a smart mirror for a while now.

Finally I got the time to dig into this topic. After some internet research I quickly learned that the raspberry-pi based “MagicMirror2” software is the to-go approach. It is free, open source and can be customized with s ton of modules which are created by a big community more information can be found at:

I first installed a virtual machine in order to tinker a bit with the software. And after some first try and error I got everything running and had a first smart screen showing up. Nice!

So as a next step I set up one of the raspberry pi’s which I had laying around. Once the raspi was up and running I checked for an inexpensive monitor and an according wall mount.

The final solution is simple and straight forward. Just the screen mounted to the wall and the pi mounted on the backside with some power strips.

And this is how it looks like (I will add a white channel for the cables below the monitor asap):

List of Parts

The following parts have been used:

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