Desk-PC 2.0 Update: Full temperature control and a lot of dashboard configuration

Well, I had the luck that I only had to work two days during Easter. So there was a lot of time to play around with the software suite of aquacomputer. And I have to say: “This piece of software is a beast”. A ton of options to control the cooling and lighting of your PC. But what was achieved so far?

  • Software Installation and configuration of all aquacomputer components which includes:
    • 1 aquaero6 XT
    • 3 farbwerk 360 Digital rgb-controllers (using addressable 5Volt RGB-Strips)
    • 2 QUADRO fan controllers
    • 1 farbwerk rgb-controller for “classical” 12Volt RGB Strips (basically only used for the water pump lights)
  • A first tuning of fan profiles using the following fan groups:
    • CPU_RAD_TOP: 3x120mm Noiseblocker fans pulling air through the “CPU” radiator
    • CPU_RAD_BOTTOM: 3×120 mm Noiseblocker fans pushing air through the “CPU” radiator
    • GPU_RAD_TOP: 3x120mm Noiseblocker Fans fans pulling air through the “GPU” radiator
    • GPU_RAD_BOTTOM: 3x120mm Noiseblocker Fans fans pushing air through the “GPU” radiator
    • PCD_BOTTOM: 3x140mm Noctua NF-P14s redux Fans delivering fresh air into the bottom of the motherboard chamber
    • MB_CHAM: 4x140mm Noiseblocker Fans pushing air “sideways” into the motherboard chamber (in order to cool all non-water cooled parts like the M2 drive or the VCC’s on the motherboard
  • Configuration of the two water pumps and according flow sensors in order to ensure quiet water loop operation
  • Configuration of various virtual software sensors in the aquasuite in order to have a proper and reliable measurement base
  • Definition of some first RGB-Profiles
  • Design and Setup of a customized dashboard for my integrated screen

Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard which I have designed and configured so far:

And here some impressions of the “real world” application. The screen I’m using here is a USB 3.0 Monitor from ASUS.

A detailed documentation for the “how-to section” will be created later on

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