Maker Update: Fibre Optic Lamp

So I gathered my first experience with the rasperry-pi. I have been working on the following topics:

  • PiVPN – Using the raspi as my personal VPN Server (Based on OpenVPN)
  • PiHole – A Network-wide AD-Blocker. Which automatically filters all the crappy AD’s
  • OctoPI – The go-to solution for controlling 3D-Printers
  • Raspbee/HomeAssistant – My OpenSource Smart Home Integration mainly using Zigbee Components
  • MagicMirror2 – An open source Smart Mirror software which I am using for my smart screen

But I wanted to go a step further. So next thing on my list: Microcontrollers, namely Arduino. As a first project I chose a fibre optic lamp. I discovered the project on intructables: A special thanks to Andrei Erdei the creator. His project was the first inspiration for my version of the lamp. Here some pictures:

The lamp is controlled by a Arduino MiniPro. Color and patterns can be switched using a small button at the bottom of the lamp.

I made some changes compared to the original:

  • Octagonal shape
  • 40 LED’s instead of 36
  • Wallmount instead of a desk version
  • LED strips exchangeable by using plug connection
  • Optimized power connector

In a next step I will try to integrate an ESP32 microcontroller. This in order to connect the lamp via wifi and control it using my smart home equipment.

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