Left Drawer

The left drawer is used to mount the PC parts in to the mainframe.
It is installed using slide fittings and is made of several components.
Various production methods have been applied.
Below you will find every part used within the assembly of the left drawer.
You can click on each part to get more and detailed information about it.

Left Drawer – ITEM frame
Produced and sold by ITEM. Profiles and connectors have been machined accordingly.

Left Drawer – Drawer Slide
Sourced from ITEM. But can also be bought from many other sources

Left Drawer – Motherboard Tray
Custom-made aluminum tray. I designed it myself and sent it to an according company for laser cutting.

Left Drawer – Motherboard Tray Backside
Custom-made backside for motherboard tray. I designed and 3D-printed it. The dimensions follow the ATX standard in order to hold everything in place correctly.

Left-Drawer – ATX Power Supply Mounting Bracket
Custom-made mounting brackets. I designed and 3D-Printed it. The bracket is designed to be screwed onto the ITEM frame.

Left-Drawer – Drive Bay Mounting Brackets
Custom-made drive bays. I designed and 3D-printed it. The dimensions follow the PC-Standards. So any 5.25″ drive or part can be installed.

Left-Drawer – Front for Aquaero
Custom made front which is holding the Aquaero Computer. I designed and 3D-printed the part. It is basically a 5.25″ drive by. In addition it contains two cut-outs which hold the power- and reset-switches for the computer.

Left Drawer – Drawer Handle
A simple handle which I designed and 3D-printed. It fits in the according slots of the ITEM profiles.

Left Drawer – Top corners for holding the front cover
Corner parts which I designed and 3D-printed. They are combined with magnets which will hold the Front Cover of the drawer.

Left Drawer – Front Cover
The front cover of the drawer. It is made of Acrylic Glass which can be ordered from many suppliers. In addition engraved my logo using an according laser.