Left Drawer – Drawer Handle

The left drawer handle is a custom design. It is 3D-Printed used standard PLA.
The handle is basically printed in two parts and glued together:

I used standard super glue which in my opinion works best for gluing PLA. After the glue dried I started with sanding (grit around 200). Then I applied some filler in order to have the gaps of the glued part as well as any other rough areas filled. When the filler dried additional sanding is required in order to smoothen the surface as much as possible. Once you’re happy with the surface you can spray paint everything. I used standard white (RAL 9010).

List of parts

none – custom partDrawer Handle (left side)left part of the 3D-Printed drawer handle1
none – custom partDrawer Handle (right side)right part of the 3D-Printed drawer handle1
0.0.419.43T-Slot Nut 6 St M5ITEM T-Slot Nut which is used to screw the handle on to the ITEM frame of the drawer4
check with your supplierCylindric ScrewCan be any M5 cylindric screw with a length of 12mm. Check for an example at McMaster-Carr: here4

List of tools & equipment required

A 3D-Printer in order to print the handle itself1
40660Ball-Headed Key 4 A/FBall-Headed hex screw driver1
44074L-Key 4 A/FL-Key with HEX-Driver for tightening the screws1