Main Frame Construction + Assembly

Basic Information – ITEM

The frame was built using the T-Slot profiles of a company called ITEM.
ITEM is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a global market leader. They recently opened their selling to the private/end customers.
I therefore registered on their homepage and started to build the frame construction within their online planning tool (called “Engineering Tool”). The cool thing about this is that you can use the online construction for price inquiry and project initiation on ITEM side. In addition they offer to download the 3D-Models which was very helpful for my later constructions.

I basically used standard products out of the ITEM Profile 6 line which are profiles with a base dimension of 30mm x 30mm.

Normally ITEM is recommending profiles of line 8 (40mm x 40mm) for lean production desks. But as I am not performing any heavy industrial work I found the Line 6 profiles sufficient for my purpose. Of course you might want to use an alternative like 80/20 or V-Slot profiles but keep in mind that everything on this project is based on the 30mmx30mm dimensions

Design & Assembly

The basic design shown in the ITEM Engineeringtool

Below you can find PDF-Instructions which have been created directly out of the engineering tool:

And here is the link to the original project assembly instructions:

Important Note:

The Project assembly instructions are based on the initial design. There have been three major changes/improvements which are not shown in the original assembly instructions:

  • The section for the left drawer was enlarged
  • A profile was added in the front middle between left and right drawer section (in order to support the quite thin table top)
  • The right drawer based on ITEM profiles was fully replaced – It just looked to clunky

List of ITEM Parts

Note: The column Pos. still refers to the original assembly manual – will update it with the Position Number out of the engineering tool asap.

01043946Profile 6 60×30 2N light, natural21520mm
02041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural21030mm
03043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural11030mm
030a67777Angle Bracket 5 20 right-angled, white aluminium, similar to RAL 90061
030b8000048Countersunk Screw DIN 7991 M5x10, bright zinc-plated2
030c41943T-Slot Nut 6 St M5, bright zinc-plated2
04043943Profile 6 30×30 1N light, natural3720mm
04541906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural1720mm
05043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural3720mm
06041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural11520mm
07043943Profile 6 30×30 1N light, natural3460mm
08043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural2460mm
09041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural3430mm
10043943Profile 6 30×30 1N light, natural2330mm
11043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural4466mm
12041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural1360mm
13041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural3170mm
14043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural1326mmM5 Threaded Insert on top
15041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural3205mm
16043472Profile 6 30×30-45° light, natural3110mm
17041906Profile 6 30×30 light, natural380mm
18043943Profile 6 30×30 1N light, natural1110mmConnection with Pos. 140
180a8000470Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 912 M6x100, bright zinc-plated1
180b41971Automatic-Fastening Set 6, bright zinc-plated1
19043486Fastening Set 6 30×30-45°, black7
22062712Mitre-Fastening Set 662


The main fasteners in the assembly manual is the universal-fastening set. However, ITEM recommended to use mitre-fasteners which are nicer if you want to install surfaces on the profiles. Unfortunately, the ITEM engineering tool is yet not able to use mitre fasteners. Therefore, I used the universal-fasteners instead. Both versions should work fine. Below a short comparison:

Left: the universal fasteners
Right: the mitre-fasteners

Helpful URL’s – ITEM

ITEM Online CatalogueOnline Catalogue of the MB Building Kit System
ITEM EngineeringtoolOnline Tool used to design the profile frame construction(s)
ITEM MachiningtoolOnline Tool used to specify machining on profiles. Mainly used to apply changes after initial project

List to ITEM information + online tools