Right Drawer

The right drawer is mainly made of four very big 3d printed parts and a metal base plate. With some wood working skills it could be also made of wood (I might be doing this as I will get access to a CNC machine). I initially made a cut out to hold the display for the table lift. However, I didn’t like the idea to route the cable for it through a drawer. So the alternative was to have a nice handle installed in the cutout.

Base Plate

The base plate is made of steel an has a size of 340mm x 300mm with a thickness of 3mm.

Drawer Base – 3D Printed Parts

Slide Fittings

The Slide Fittings were sourced via ITEM GmbH the company which also provides the aluminum profiles. However, if you want to order the fittings directly from the manufacturer they can be found here.

List of Parts (including parts required for installation)

PicPosManufacturerArticle NumberDescriptionQuantityRemarks
010AccurideDZ3732-0030300MM Accuride Drawer Slide, 40KG Load1 Set (contains 2 slides)
020ITEM0.0.419.46T-Slot Nut 6 St M4, bright zinc-plated16
0308.0.002.07Button-Head Screw M4x1416