Desk Top

The top of the desk is made of following components. Note that you can also choose different types of material but this worked best for me.

MDF Tops

  • The MDF desk top
  • The MDF back top
  • The MDF middle top

Cutouts on the MDF tops

  • Cutout for PC-System (front left cutout)
  • Cutout for Status Display (front right cutout)
  • Cutout for showing water reservoirs (middle cutout)
  • Cutout for Radiators (back left/right cutout)
  • Cutout for Tube Reservoirs, sed as fill ports (back middle cutout)

The tops are all made of standard MDF sheets. They have been CNC machined by a professional woodworker.

Glass Top + Covers

  • Desk Glass Top (The Desk Area)
  • Back Left Cover (Used to cover the back left radiator)
  • Back Right Cover (Used to cover the back right radiator)

Attaching/Fixing the Desktop to the frame

I created a 3D-Printed bracket which keeps all the MDF Parts in place. In addition there are expando fittings on the bottom of in order to keep the desk top tightend to the frame.

RGB-LED Profile + Diffusor

The MDF back top contains a cutout which is used to hold an Aluminium Profile + Diffusor. The manufacturer of the so called delta profile is called “Paulmann”. They’re selling their products in home depot markets here in Switzerland. I bought a profile of 2 metres lenght and cut it to the size needed by using a standard metal saw.

List of Parts

To follow


To follow