3D Printing

I finally decided to buy a inexpensive 3D-Printer from China. Within this section I am sharing the experience which I am gathering during my 3D designs and prints.

My printing gear

I started to 3D print on a Geeetech A30 (check the Geeetech Homepage):

Geeetech A30

Hadware & Software for 3D-Printing

In order to design, slice and print I am using following software tools:

3D Design Programs

  • FreeCAD (to download check here)
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 (Working with a start-up license which can be found here)


I am using following tools to slice the 3D models into G-Code instructions for the 3D printer:

Print Server

In addition to the design and slicing part I started to use OctoPrint as print server.
This enables me to directly print sliced 3D-models via my network. >
OctoPrint is installed on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+.